Miguel Jones

of Custom-Boots.NET

Four generations of experience in the garment, leather and boot-making businesses are apparent in every pair of quality boots made today by Miguel Jones and Custom-Boots.NET.
You could easily say that Miguel 'grew up in the business'.

          ... Miguel's grandfather was a shoemaker.
          ... his father's experience learning the leather trade in a tannery and later running his own denim jeans company.
          ... Miguel's own experience learning the boot-making trade from a master boot-maker, Pancho.
          ... and Miguel owning and operating a leather tannery.

     All of this has led Miguel to founding a better boot company!   Custom-Boots.NET

Along with learning the 'secrets and skills' of the leather tannery, Miguel also learned that in today's world, quality boots are difficult to find. Early on in his career, Miguel decided to devote his work to producing the very best quality boots that can be found anywhere. That is now also the aim of his company, Custom-Boots.NET.

This can be seen in the materials Miguel uses. The finest quality leather ... not only on the parts of the boot you can easily see, but on all of the boot. For instance, the leather of the soles on all boots made by Custom-Boots.NET, is made with the center of the leather, not the cheaper sides that tend to fall apart and last for much less time.

Outstanding style, skillful design and quality 'handmade' construction is what you get in every pair of boots by Miguel Jones.

Boots that have proven to last a lifetime and boots you will be proud to own and wear!

Custom Boots by Miguel Jones from Custom-Boots.NET.

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