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Now that you have placed your order and have made payment through PayPal, it's time to send us your measurements. We now do that through email. If you want to contact us, click HERE!

(We may not need every measurement shown in our drawing below.)

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As a custom-made bootmaker, we have streamlined our system, a bit...

1. Find the boot or boot style you would like.

2. Make your payment by clicking the 'Buy It' button.

3. Print the 'Measurement' Form on this page.

4. Take your measurements and write them on the page you have printed as your reference.

5. We will contact you for all the details.

Your measurements plus everything else about exactly what you want and need, and how you would like your boots… all the things we need to know!

When you have decided on all the details, we will begin making 'The Boots of your Dreams!"

Simple? Easy?

Yes, we think so!

When your payment is confirmed through Paypal, we will also confirm your order with you, by email. After we confirm receipt of your measurements, we will start making your boots and changes will no longer be possible.

Custom Boots require 28 to 45 days to complete. Shipment may take from 6 to 10 days after your boots have been completed.

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