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You are designing your own pair of boots from Custom-Boots.NET and you have many options to select from. Here are just some of your options:

For ALL boots you can select:

  heel style:
How we measure heels:

We measure the height of heels straight up the back of the heel from the foot bottom to the floor! (As shown in the photo below!)

     - Select from riding heels, square heels or regular heels.

Most heel options can be made on most heel heights!
If you don't see exactly what you want, please ask us!

Heel #1
1 to 1.5 inch high

Heel #2
2 inch cowboy heel

Heel #3
3 inch cowboy heel

Heel #4
3 inch underslung heel

Heel #5
3 1/2 inch underslung heel

Heel #6
3 1/2 inch slanted heel

Heel #7
Cuban 4 inch block heels

Heel #8
4 inch slanted heel

Heel #9
4 inch extreme underslung

Heel #10
5 inch thin heels

Heel #11
5 inch slanted heels

Heel #12
5 inch heels

Heel #13
7 inch heels

Heel #14
1 inch heels

Heel #15
2 inch heels

Heel #16
4 inch heels

Heel #17
4 inch heels (Brown)

Heel #18
5 inch heels

  Range of heel heights:
from 1.5 to 7 inches.
        (Heels higher than 3" are available only on some toe styles).

  Toe style:
       sharp, round, square or extra wide.

Toe A

Toe B      Toe C   Toe D    Toe E

Toe F

Toe G

Toe H

Toe I

Toe J

  Toe K
Toe L

Toe M

Toe N
Toe O

Toe P

Toe Q

Also available:
  A wide selection of soles


Rubber on Leather

Lug sole

Light Lug


  Zippers for any BOOTS for easy on and off for $25.00 extra!

  Thicker Soles on Engineer Boots
       Double Soles on Engineer Boots just $20.00

  Any embroidery (fancy stitching on Cowboy Boots) or customize your boot shafts with your initials, just $35.00.
       Please send the type of letters you want. size, color and place to embroider them on your boot.
       Any other embroidery, other than letters or numbers, please send a picture or drawing of what you'd like and we will quote you a price.

So, you see ... you have quite a few choices when designing your hand-made boots from Custom-Boots.NET.

Let's get started on your pair!

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