Our Prices are LOW!

at Custom-Boots.NET

Our prices are LOW!

If you wonder why and how we do it ... it's very simple, really!

We make boots because we enjoy making boots and we DO make money making the best boots at Custom-Boots.NET.

We consider the craft of boot-making to be 'an art', one that does take skill, knowledge and patience. We don't, however, feel that we should charge you 'artsy' prices to own and wear a pair of our custom made boots.

Now, there are some boot-makers who do charge sky-high prices for custom made boots. We think that they must imagine that every pair of boots they make is a real 'piece of art'! We think that every pair of boots we make is a pair of boots ... skillfully made, artfully designed but still, a pair of boots. Made to fit you and made for you to wear and enjoy!

We charge for the materials we use in making your boots and for the years of skill and 'art' of our craft.

We think our prices are fair. We think you'll agree.

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